Natural Sensitive Gel Toothpaste

Size Available: 105g, 200g

8 out of 10 experienced less tooth sensitivity in 7 days*

Enjoy its mild mint flavor!

Did you know?
Food and drink acidity, and even brushing may cause enamel erosion & gum recession and lead to pangingilo.** Help ease twinges caused by these factors with sensitivity relief from our Sensitive Gel Toothpaste!

*Based on a self-assessment test conducted among individuals with sensitive teeth who used the product for 7 consecutive days

99.66% Natural

Triclosan-free | SLS/SLES-free | Peroxide-free

Soothe Ngilo Without the Compromise
✓ Eases tooth sensitivity by blocking triggers with Natural Potassium Citrate
✓ Gently removes surface stains & fights plaque buildup with Natural Silica
✓ Helps remineralize enamel and prevent cavities with Fluoride
✓ Naturally freshens breath with Mint
✓ No harmful chemicals


105g, 200g

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Natural Sensitive Gel Toothpaste
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