Protection for Red Days Feminine Wash 100ml

Size Available: 100ml

99.38% Natural

93% of users enjoyed long-lasting freshness*

100% of users reported effective skin soothing*

Experience long-lasting odor protection & comfort with our gentle, plant-based feminine wash. Powered by a blend of natural actives from mangosteen extract, non-drying plant-derived cleansing agents and skin-soothing aloe vera.

✓ pH-balanced (3.5-4.5)

✓ Clinically tested safe for sensitive skin

✓ Natural cooling sensation

✓ Fresh powder scent

*Self-assessment product test



99.38% Natural

Here are 5 reasons why your feminine wash choice matters:

1. Sweet-smelling doesn’t always mean healthy. Your vagina’s smell is your body’s way of communicating with you. Synthetic fragrances may mask strong, unpleasant odors but will not address underlying causes such as infections.

2. Killing off bacteria is not always good. A healthy vagina has natural good bacteria which fight off bacteria that cause odor and itchiness, but harsh ingredients in soaps and synthetic feminine washes may strip them off or upset the natural pH balance that allows them to thrive.

3. The thin skin in and around the vagina is one of the body’s most permeable surfaces. Products applied near the vaginal area are easily absorbed by the body.

4. Synthetic feminine washes often contain harmful chemicals. Synthetic fragrances, colorants, SLES/SLS, and parabens are often found in commercial feminine washes, which have been linked to health problems such as reproductive disorders.

5. Women and teens are more at risk. Women, especially teens whose bodies are still developing, have a heightened risk from exposure to harmful chemicals because they generally use more personal care products.



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Protection for Red Days Feminine Wash 100ml