Professional Salon Care Shampoo

  180ml    /   400ml


✓ Jojoba-derived emollients preserve hair color

✓ Honey-derived active restores hair’s shine

✓ Coconut oil smoothes and revives rough, damaged hair

✓ Avocado oil hydrates hair and helps prevent brittleness leading to breakage


With the fresh, invigorating scent of green tea and lemon

For best results and to make your salon treatment last longer, pair this with Professional Salon Care Conditioner.

Best for:

Nourishing chemically-treated hair

✓ Made even FOAMIER*

✓ With 2x MORE moisturizing actives*

✓ With NEW protective actives that preserve hair color & restore shine

✓ In a new green tea and lemon scent

*vs the old formulation of Salon Care Shampoo

Keep salon-treated hair gorgeous and help keep color vibrant with our genuinely natural formulation that’s absolutely free from harmful chemicals.


Gently cleanses hair with a sulfate-free formulation that will help prevent early fading and color washout

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180ml, 400ml


Green Tea, Lemon

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Professional Salon Care Shampoo
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