PerfectFlush Lip & Cheek Cream Tint 7g

Bloom both ways

Use PerfectFlush Lip & Cheek Cream Tint:
✓ If you’re after a dewy, glowing flush
✓ If you have normal to dry skin; its creamy texture stays and moisturizes skin

Try Perfect Glow Mineral Blush:
✓ If you want a silky matte, polished finish
✓ If you have combination to oily skin; excess grease is absorbed by the powder

Did You Know? The pretty reds and pinks of some cheek and lip tints come from the crushed bodies of the scale insect cochineal. PerfectFlush Lip & Cheek Cream Tint is animal cruelty-free – no bugs, just bloom.

100% Natural

Cheer up cheeks & lips
Give your cheeks a natural dewy glow and your lips a subtle pop of color with this all-natural magic wand for your no-makeup days.

Available in Hibiscus (red), Rosy (pinkish) and Petal (light peach) shades.
Actual color register may vary depending on the pigmentation of your skin and lips.

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PerfectFlush Lip & Cheek Cream Tint 7g