Size: Small(taped)12’s, Small(taped)18’s, Large(taped) 14’s, XL(pants)12’s , XXL(pants) 11’s

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• Specially designed to protect newborn delicate skin.

• Breathable to let hot air out. • Made with light and breathable materials to let air flow through. 2x Stretchy Ears**• Gently hugs baby for just the right fit and prevents leaks **vs unstretched ears. Wetness Indicator• Changes color from yellow to blue when baby has peed *** Under high humidity, the color may change even when diaper is dry due to wetness in the environment. This does not impact the quality.

-Easy-On & Easy Tear-Off! Pampers Pants make changing easy for active babies. New! Magic Gel ChannelsEvenly distributes & locks away wetness to prevent bulk & sagging. All Around Stretchy WaistbandMoves with baby for a customized fit & helps prevent leakage. Breathable to let hot air outMade with light & breathable materials to help air flow through. . . .



Small(taped)12's, Small(taped)18's, Large(taped) 14's, XL(pants)12's, XXL(pants) 11's


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