Natural Mouthwash

Size: 170ml, 400ml

99.9% Natural | Alcohol-free

9 out of 10 experienced long-lasting fresh breath vs their synthetic mouthwash**

Get honest-to-goodness healthy oral care with the Triple Protect Action of our Natural Mouthwash.

60% more gargles*
29% more affordable*

Triple Protect Action
✓ Genuinely natural & safe care for gums, teeth and oral surfaces with zero harsh ingredients such as alcohol, synthetic dyes or SLS/SLES
✓ Antibacterial actives help prevent growth of odor-causing germs, giving long-lasting fresh breath
✓ Balanced formula boosts long-term oral health by neturalizing mouth acids which can cause tooth decay and plaque buildup

Free from alcohol, synthetic dyes, PEGs, SLS/SLES or other toxic chemicals, a few swishes of our genuinely natural formula brings you instant, long-lasting fresh breath, balances your mouth pH and boosts your plaque defense and gum health.


170ml, 400ml

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Natural Mouthwash
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