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MILO is a powedered chocolate malt milk drink made with the natural goodness of MILK, MALT, and COCOA  Contains ACTIV-GO® – a special blend of PROTOMALT®, VITAMINS, and MINERALS – that gives your kids the nutritious energy they needs for a busy day.

MILO is high in Vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12, C, and is a source of Iron for energy release

A mug of MILO as part of the healthy breakfast gives kids the champion start they need for the day. The delicious combination of MILK, MALT, and COCOA provides your kids the champion energy and taste for a great breakfast and an active day.  MILO contains Champion Energy Nutrients of PROTOMALT®, Iron, and B-Vitamins to help your kids stay active.




24gx14, 24gx42g, 300g, 624g, 1.2kg


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