Mega Tuna


Size: 155g, 180g

Flavor: Flakes in Oil, Spanish Style, Hot&Spicy


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Mega Tuna FLAKES IN SPANISH STYLE is made from 100% PURE TUNA combined with Spanish-style spices. It is the variant with a sophisticated gourmet taste that is a perfect pair to breads or crackers. Available in 155g EASY-OPEN-CANS suited for your personal convenience.

Nutritional Facts:

“Energy – 90kcal

Fat – 4g

Sodium – 240mg

Protein – 13g

” Ingredients: Tuna Flakes, Soya Oil, Water, Iodized Salt, Spices, Carrot, Chili, Peppercorn and Bay Leaf


155g, 180g


Flakes in Oil, Spanish Style, Hot&Spicy


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