Liquid Detergent 1 Gallon

Great for Delicates
Gentle enough for handwashing delicates and keeping colored fabrics vibrant, yet hardworking enough for uniforms.

Saves Time & Money
With 100% plant-based foaming and cleansing agents that:
✓ Requires less water usage during the rinse cycle
✓ Cuts down your rinsing time, lessening your electricity usage
✓ Helps reduces water consumption by one-third
Plus, our natural detergents keep colors vibrant and leave clothes soft, no need for fabric conditioner. How’s that for savings?

No harmful chemicals
✓ Free from artificial fragrances & dyes
✓ Free from bleach & optical brighteners
✓ Biodegradable and non-toxic
✓ Locally-sourced coconut cleansers
✓ Free from chlorine that damage water ecosystems

More Goodness. Bigger Savings. Less Plastic.
The same Natural Liquid Detergent you love now in a bigger, more economical upsize!

SAVE UP TO P249.75
when you upsize to 1 gallon vs four 950ml Liquid Detergent

vs. four 950ml Liquid Detergent

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