Kids Natural Toothpaste

Size Available: 70g, 120g


99.16% Natural

Keep smiles bright
Give your child the natural cavity protection they need with GREENMINERAL PLUS
✓ Zinc citrate helps prevent plaque & tartar
✓ Fluoride helps remineralize enamel and prevent tooth decay
✓ Calcium carbonate removes stain and food debris
✓ Free from harmful SLS/SLES & triclosan

Kid-approved flavor
Make brushing time hassle-free with the sweet, minty flavor and sting-free formula.

Bid tooth decay bye-bye
At least 97% of Filipino children aged 6 years old have tooth decay. Prevent tooth decay by brushing with a fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day. Fluoride protects the teeth by preventing mineral loss and keeping tooth enamel-damaging bacteria at bay.


70g, 120g

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Kids Natural Toothpaste
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