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  • Joy Dishwashing Liquid Complete Clean Lemon
  • Joy Complete Clean concentrated Lemon Dishwashing liquid cut tough grease and removes bad smell effectively in one wash
  • leaving your dishes squeaky-clean and free from food odor
  • maintaining best standard with every wash.
  • Joy Dishwashing Liquid Emits Odor from Your Utensils and Keeps them Bacteria Free. … Say goodbye to them with the help of Joy Dishwashing Liquid. Now no stain is tough enough to withstand the effects of this dishwashing product from Joy Philippines.
  • From the World’s Number 1 Dish Care Company Joy is the innovative dishwashing liquid that uses superior technology to make dishwashing a delight for you.
  • •Strong Grease Removal – Concentrated Dish Wash that has superior grease cutting powerx
  • •Great Value – A P10 sachet can last up to two weeksxxx
  • x based on technical test and consumer study
  • xx under usual dishwashing conditions
  • How to use:
  • – Open the bottle of Joy Dishwashing Liquid.
  • – Add drops of Joy to a wet sponge.
  • – Squeeze the sponge to bubble. Scrub the sponge to your dishes utensils etc.
  • – Thoroughly rinse soap.

20ml, 40ml, 175ml, 355ml, 600ml


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