Jaf Tea Pure Infusions Cool Peppermint 20 pcs


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Product details of Jaf Tea Pure Infusions Cool Peppermint 20 pcs

  • Refreshing, rebalancing & cooling
  • 20 pcs x 1.5 g
  • Packed in Sri Lanka
  • Non GMO

Only the finest peppermint leaves, replete with essential oils, are used to create this cool and refreshing infusion. Brew lightly and sip slowly to rebalance your senses. Naturally caffeine free and delicious hot or cold.For over 70 years we have crafted some of the world’s finest teas and infusion blends, building our reputation for superb quality and exceptional taste. Naturally caffeine free, our Pure Infusions range is specially blended to refresh and revitalise. With every sip you take, feel your mind and body relax as you regain your natural balance and purify your senses.
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