Downy Fab Conditioner Garden Bloom


Size: 38mlx12’s, 670ml, 900ml, 1.48L

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Downy Garden Bloom Concentrated Fabric Conditioner will freshen all of your laundry at home with just one cap. It helps you to fight against tough bad smells with its anti-odor ingredients. And don’t you worry! Downy Garden Bloom is suitable for both top-loading and front-loading washing machines.

Downy Garden Bloom fabric conditioner fights against tough bad smells with anti-odor ingredient. Gives long lasting freshness and make your clothes soft.

– Soften, Freshen and Protect Clothes You Love with Downy ditioner

– Fights Against Tough, Bad Smells with Downy’s Anti-Odor Ingredient that Removes the Cause of Bad Smells

– Freshness Bubbles™ Use Perfume Micro-Capsules to Give You Long-Lasting Freshness with a Light Floral Scent – Makes Clothes Softer while Reducing Static Cling – Suitable for All Washing Machines


38mlx12S, 670ml, 900ml, 1.48L


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