Domex Stain&Limescale Cleaner White Fresh


Size Available: 475ml, 880ml

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Removing stubborn stains and limescale deposits from your bathroom surfaces is a tough job that requires precision and patience. Get the job done with the Domex Stain and Limescale Cleaner and Disinfectant Whitening Expert 880ml Bottle—a versatile household cleaner that’s tough on surface stains and limescale. The Domex Stain and Limescale Cleaner, and Disinfectant Whitening Expert doesn’t just remove stains, it effectively kills germs on multiple surfaces. It’s been proven to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria (based on lab tests on representative germs).

Known as a WHITENING EXPERT, this Domex Stain and Limescale Cleaner eliminates tough stains and prevents limescale while leaving surfaces white and refreshingly bright. You can use it undiluted on toilets and stains and diluted on surfaces, tiles, and floors. Another thing we love about this all-around bathroom cleaner? Its lemongrass fragrance, which leaves your bathroom with a crisp and citrusy scent. No pungent cleaning fumes!


475ml, 880ml


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