Natural Dishwashing Powder

Size: 40g, 120g

Sulit and Sustainable
✓ Effectively cuts through oil yet gentle on hands.
✓ Biodegradable & plastic bottle-free.
✓ Even cheaper than most synthetic brands once diluted.
✓ Keeps plates pristine without the harmful chemicals

Powder Power Easy Timpla

Step 1
Fill a 500ml bottle about ¾ full with lukewarm water. (Tip: it’s easier to use a wide-mouthed bottle for mixing)

Step 2
Add 40g (approximately 6 heaping tablespoons) of Human Nature Dishwashing Powder and let it soak for 10-15 minutes.
Step 3
Fill up the rest of the bottle with water slowly, without creating many bubbles
Step 4
Shake until the powder completely dissolves. Let bubbles subside before pouring into a dishwashing dispenser and you’re all set!
Helpful Hint:
Clumping may occur in the box but will not affect the efficacy of the product. Just crush clumps and dissolve

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40g, 120g

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