Dishwashing Liquid


Kind to you and the earth
✓ Gentle and non-drying on hands
✓ Biodegradable and non-toxic
✓ Free from synthetic fragrances & dyes
✓ Free from phosphates & chlorine that damage water ecosystems

Available in perky Grapefruit-Orange and zesty Lemon-Calamansi scents

Also available Lemon-Calamansi Dishwashing Liquid 1 Liter and Grapefruit-Orange Dishwashing Liquid 1 Liter

You’d lather not

Most chemical dishwashing liquids contain skin-irritating synthetic foam boosters that don’t really help clean your dishes. Ours is free from these chemicals and may lather a little less, but it will remove grease and food smells without harming your skin.

99.8% Natural

Mean on grease
Keep your dishes pristine with powerful locally-sourced coconut cleansers that cut through grease without leaving any chemical residue.


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