Bleach 1Ltr

Liquid Bleach- removes stains on white fabrics.

Can also be used for cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing surfaces.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: liquid, yellowish in color. Chlorine scent

PRODUCT APPLICATION: (for Cleaning and disinfecting)

 Can be diluted up to 100% LAUNDRY: Add 50-100ml into 4 liters of water w/ soap and leave for 20mins. Rinse well. CLEANING: Clean surface.

 Spread out solution. Leave for at least 1-2mins.

 Rinse well with water

PRECAUTION: Avoid skin contact. Use only on whites. Do not bleach 80-100% cotton, wool and silk. Store away from heat and light. FATAL if swallowed.

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Bleach 1Ltr