Balancing Face Toner


Size Available: 100ml, 200ml


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99.80% Natural

Recommended for:
Oily and combination skin.

You have oily skin if…
You have enlarged pores, blackheads, and shiny skin. You also need constant re-application of makeup.

You have combination skin if…
Your face is oily in some areas and dry in some.

Tone the sheen
The Balancing Face Toner contains sugar beet and elemi, an ingredient known to balance sebum, cut down bacteria and reduce skin redness, helping you achieve shine-free, refreshed skin.

Doesn’t sting or strip dry
The gentle formulation won’t tighten or dry up skin – and preps it to absorb the nutrients in your moisturizer.

Use Balancing Face Toner with Balancing Facial Wash to get shine-free confidence.

Source: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils: The Complete Guide to the Use of Oils in Aromatherapy and Herbalism.


100ml, 200ml


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