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• As we age, moving might feel harder. Our bones, joints, and muscles start deteriorating and affect our mobility, flexibility, and energy to perform daily activities. Anlene Gold 5X contains a clinically used nutrient bundle, including MFGMactiv, that helps improve your mobility. This clinical study has shown that people who consumed 2 glasses of multi-nutrient fortified milk along with regular exercise, experienced 2x the improvement in flexibility, 3x the improvement in balance, and 40% more improvement in muscle mass compared to the control group.

• Anlene Gold 5X contains scientifically formulated MoveMax – a unique combination of essential nutrients that work together to care for:

• BONES – Calcium contributes to the maintenance of normal bones. Strong bones provide the structure and support for our bodies.

• JOINTS – Collagen is the main component of cartilage found in our joints. Good joint cartilage is important to support smooth and flexible movement. Vit. C contributes to normal collagen formation.

• MUSCLES – Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass. Healthy muscles enable us to move freely and keep our bodies strong.

• ENERGY – B Vitamins contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism. Energy is important to sustain everyday activities with vitality.

• FLEXIBILITY – MFGMactiv as part of the nutrient bundle in Anlene Gold 5X helps support flexible movement. Good flexibility helps improve mobility, posture, muscle, coordination, and can reduce the risk of injuries.

• To Prepare: Add 4 heaping tablespoons of milk powder (approx. 40g) to 200ml of cold or warm (previously boiled) water and stir.

• Recommended Serving: 2 glasses per day.

• It’s time to level up your Adult Milk. Worry not on flavors, as Anlene got you covered with its Chocolate, White Coffee, and Plain flavored drinks. It’s not only guilt-free but tasty creamy perfection to the last drop. An affordable 100% creamy, fresh and healthy milk to fill your vitamins and nutritional needs.



300g, 990g


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